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Aawat Bade Saiya Hamar Tempu Se MP3

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Title:आवतारे सईया सखी टेम्पु से - Aawat Tare Sakhi Saiya Tempu Se - 2018 का Bhojpuri Latest Song 2018

Duration: 3:13

Quality:320 Kbps

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Aawat pauni

Aawat pauni (Punjabi: ਆਵਤ ਪਾਓੁਣੀ) is a traditional Punjabi gathering of peasants and farm workers to harvest crops collectively, and was popular during the harvesting period around Vaisakhi. Aawat (Punjabi: ਆਵਤ) means to "come over" or "to arrive". Before the common use of machinery, farmers harvested their land by inviting friends, relatives and workers to harvest the field. The guests would be fellow villagers or from distant places. Although the tradition has waned, it has not completely become extinct. The people participating in the Aawat pauni tradition are given meals three times a day. The group is normally in the region of 20 men who work to the tunes of the Punjab dhol (drum). The men sing traditional Punjabi dohe which are a form of folk poetry. It has also become fashionable to play songs from loud speakers. The guests are given traditional Punjabi food such as shakar (refined jaggery), gee (butter), karhah, kheer, sevian (Vermicelli), yogurt and milk. Families hold Aawat if they have large landholdings, there has been a death in the family or cultivating cattles have died due to some disease ,flood or any other natural clamity. Aawat is a form of asking for help.

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